Welcome to my Pottery Store
 I have been making pottery for over 10 years.  This last year I began hand-building in addition to throwing pottery.  It is  another dimension to my pottery that I am greatly enjoying.  Pottery is creative, enjoyable, relaxing and thoroughly rewarding.  I enjoy creating and designing my pieces.  After they have dried,  bisque fired,  glazed and then glaze fired (approximately 10 hours) comes the best part.....waiting about 15 hours to open the kiln. 
I fire my pottery in a gas kiln to approximately 2345 degrees, this is referred to as stoneware.  I custom make most of my glazes.  All my glazes are food safe.  My pottery can be used in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.
I want my pottery to be functional as well decorative.  Each piece should be pleasing to look at as well as to handle.